Pre-purchase ‘vettings’

When you’re buying a horse, you want peace of mind that there won’t be any nasty surprises after you’ve taken ownership. Our pre-purchase examination ‘vettings’ help to give you this.

We offer both two- and five-stage vettings. Both involve a clinical examination, trot up, and the taking and storing of a blood sample. Any testing of these samples will incur additional fees.

If you are purchasing a ridden horse we recommend a five-stage vetting as more potential problems can be found during the vigorous exercise phase, recovery and second trot up.

Two-stage vettings are suitable for unbacked horses, or if a problem is found in the first stages that prevents us continuing. If you chose to have a two-stage vetting you will be asked to sign a disclaimer form to accept the additional risks of conditions that may affect the horse’s suitability for purchase not being found.

What are the five stages?

Stage 1: Full clinical examination
Stage 2: Trot up
Stage 3: Exercise phase
Stage 4: Rest and recovery phase
Stage 5: Second trot up

What facilities are needed?

  • A suitable stable or area to examine the horse with a dark area in order to examine their eyes.
  • A hard, level area, long enough to trot the horse up on.
  • An arena in order to exercise the horse, and a rider to ride the horse if it is being sold for riding.